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Re: lilypond-mode.el Changelog AUTHORS.texi

From: Heikki Johannes Junes
Subject: Re: lilypond-mode.el Changelog AUTHORS.texi
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 20:57:32 +0200 (EET)

I have some problems when applying your patch. The content of it is
reasonable (I did not try it yet). However, please take account the
following and resend the patch:

> --- lilypond-mode.el  2002-11-12 11:47:54.000000000 +0100
> +++ lilypond-mode.el.cbetan   2002-11-21 13:49:51.000000000 +0100

3) Use:

$ diff -uN from-file to-file
$ diff -uN lilypond-mode.el.cbetan lilypond-mode.el

same applies to other files.

> +;;;    * Modified way to display notes in the minibuffer
> +;;;      of Quick-Notes-Insert mode so to include other
> +;;;      languages' notes (21th Nov 2002)

2) This is better to include in ChangeLog-file. In general, it would
better if the file would not be heavy-loaded with comments... hmm.. there
is missing a comment that "See file .\ChangeLog for changes".

> -(defconst LilyPond-version "1.7.6"
> +(defconst LilyPond-version "1.7.8"

1) Fetch the latest cvs-version (with "cvs update") before making a diff,
please. Then you can also invoke

$ cvs diff -uN file1 file2 file3 ... > yourpatch.diff

It is very easy to fail apply a patch by invoking

$ "patch -p1 < yourpatch.diff"

in the rootdir of lilypond-cvs source tree if the files in the patch to be
applied are out-dated already.

Emacs-mode needs a lot of improvements: indenting, slur-matching,
autocompletion with words taken from "lilypond.words", inserting
environments, inserting notes with a "virtual keyboard" a.k.a. Insert
Quick Notes, etc. whatever helps inserting music.

      Heikki Junes

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