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Re: [Sodipodi-list] ~/.sodipodi/private-fonts

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: [Sodipodi-list] ~/.sodipodi/private-fonts
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 20:36:07 +0100
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Lauris Kaplinski <address@hidden> writes:

> I think sodipodi will support private-fonts for a while, as
> having completely independent font system is definitely
> good.
> Now, what bothers me, is whether I want more serious file format,
> and if yes, whether the existing one should be done extensible
> etc. etc.

Ok.  I can imagine you want to see about this first, before allowing
applictations to provide and install their sodipodi private-font

> Other than that, there will probably be support for fontconfig
> in sodipodi soon, so if lilypond can install its font via
> fontconfig, it will become detected in more generic way.
> I think I'll decide private-fonts status if I have checked
> fontconfig a bit.

Sounds good.  Forgive my ignorance, what is fontconfig again?

    $ fontconfig
    bash: fontconfig: command not found
    20:28:29 address@hidden:~
    $ apt-cache search fontconfig
    20:28:36 address@hidden:~
    $ zgrep fontconfig tmp/Contents-i386.gz
    usr/share/smm/sources/itcl/iwidgets/demos/fontconfig        games/smm++
    usr/share/smm/sources/itcl/iwidgets/generic/fontconfig.tcl  games/smm++
    20:28:42 address@hidden:~


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