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RE: Using Lilypond with OpenOffice?

From: Ray Peck
Subject: RE: Using Lilypond with OpenOffice?
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 15:56:50 -0800

On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 00:11, Ray Peck wrote:  
>> I've been learning for the last week or so (and have a nice
>> new 575 line filter to show for it!  ;-)
>What kind of filter? I'm a little bit curious :-)
Nothing too exciting.

My work project is an integrated voice appliance for
taking phone orders at restaurants.  We are initially
selling to Big Evil American Pizza Companies.  ;-)

Our menu is represented in xml; I was the one who 
developed this.

Each location has variations in what is included in its menu,
and has some structural variations.

The filter takes a set of lookup tables which map our menu
to the Point of Sale computer system, and takes a master menu
(a superset of everything that's available), and generates 
location-specific menu XML depending on what's available in
the POS.

I've been working with XML a lot the last couple years.
My first project in XML was a browser-based WYSIWYG website-creation
tool.  For that one, I had to write the XML parser from scratch,
because our stuff at that time was written in a proprietary language.

I also added capabilities to that proprietary language interpreter
to read from XML into its struct type and vice-versa.

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