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RE: Braille & Lime

From: Ralph Little
Subject: RE: Braille & Lime
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 09:49:49 -0000

Sorry, I don't have much contact with the internet while at home.
Same goes for Christmas, but I have plenty of printed out homework.

You'll also have to bear with me 'cos I know nowt about Braille or Braille
music, although I'm learning fast.
It is looking like simultaneous Braille and stave is not really a helpful

Polyphony seems to be handled in a couple of different ways depending on
whether it can be specified as chords or as separate moving parts.
If two or more moving parts exists, then they are coded (in the measure) as
separate parts and joined by a special symbol:

E.g. (bar1) [polyphony part] [join_symbol] [polyphony part] (bar2)....

It's looking like equivalent Braille could get very long indeed to the
extent that it wraps a number of lines of a complicated piano part stave.
I think that I will concern myself more with what would be an appropriate
alternative output format (like midi/XML) and if it is to be used for
instruction like in a book (lilypond-book) then I will have to keep in mind
this potential requirement for inclusion in Latex script somehow.

It also occurs to me that "printed" braille appearing atop the stave is not
much use to a blind person.

Although not of a direct concern to Lilypond, I still think that the biggest
potential stumbling block might be the Braille printer itself, and what form
of output is useful for printing on it. I see a number of possibilties here:

        * Printers accept some form of postscript (unlikely)
        * Linux (or dviXX) driver available (unlikely, and depends on
printer anyway)
        * Emulates some other form of common printer (possible)
        * Some kind of intermediate format used commonly by software
supplied with Braille printers (like XML) which we could generate (more
        * Proprietary intermediate format differing between printers (not

I will look on Braille printer web sites and find out what I can from them.
What fun :)
Hope things are going well with the thesis...


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Sent: 20 December 2002 17:24
To: Ralph Little
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Subject: RE: Braille & Lime

address@hidden writes:
> Spacing is not significant to the extent that it is in ordinary notation,
> and the music is encoded into simply a list of Braille symbols, as spacing
> is a lot less significant to a blind reader.

OK, but how is polyphonic music handled?


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