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Re: Meloz music notation with Lilypond

From: Jérémie Lumbroso
Subject: Re: Meloz music notation with Lilypond
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 00:45:21 +0100

Hello Jeremy (sounds like I'm talking to myself, doesn't it?),

JB> I would like to print out sheet music in Meloz music notation.
JB> [...] How do I make new note head shapes in Lilypond? Can Lilypond
JB> output the staff in a different format, like the one below.

I really don't have any idea if doing an exact replica of that system
is easily doable (though everything is possible to a certain extent,
if you're ready to get your hands in the code). Just note that:

* the shape of note heads can easily be altered using the `style'
  property of the NoteHead object, as shown at:

* changing the number of lines a Staff has is very easy; the
  StaffSymbol has a `line-count' property, by default set to 5. It is
  modified either using and \outputproperty:
           \outputproperty #(make-type-checker 'staff-symbol-interface)
                                               #'line-count = #7

  Or by placing a translator in the paper block:
           \translator {
                   \consists Staff_symbol_engraver
                      StaffSymbol \override #'line-count = #7

  I have absolutely no idea how to define individual thickness of the
  Staff lines, though. For more informations on the StaffSymbol object:


Best regards,
 Jérémie                            mailto:address@hidden

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