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Re: chords

From: Amelie Zapf
Subject: Re: chords
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 18:23:26 +0100

Hi Han-Wen,

I'm finished with the fix. Everything works in 1.6.6.

> Just a quick note: I recently revised the text-formatting routines in
> Lily 1.7; since the chord-names stuff also uses text-formatting, there
> were lots of changes to it.  You probably want to look at 1.7, not
> 1.6.

Actually, the diff from 1.6.6's chord-name.scm to 1.7.9's is very minor.
I'm enclosing a file that should work out-of-the-box for 1.7.9, as it is on 
the server. I have not tested it here, because I don't want to install 1.7.9, 
as of yet. At the moment I need a productive system. Maybe one of you should 
test it on theirs.

> I also have some plans to reorganize from where the functions are
> called, and how to enter exceptions. This should not affect the actual
> naming routines but would affect the organisation of the source,
> making patches difficult to apply. 

I hope that at the moment the reorganization has not taken place yet?

> Please let us know when you're up
> to something, so that we don't get source clashes again.

okay. I was just annoyed by the state of affairs concerning jazz chords, 
because I had to type something up and then chose to do a fix as soon as 

Kind regards,

Louey & Amy - Soul, Jazz & Gospel from Berlin

Wir sind umgezogen! ist jetzt

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