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Re: Relative mode

From: Olivier Guéry
Subject: Re: Relative mode
Date: 30 Jan 2003 00:59:39 +0100

Le mer 29/01/2003 à 23:02, Graham Percival a écrit :
> On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:05:57 +0100
> Olivier Gu <address@hidden> wrote:
> >     Let supose we name each octave with a name. For exemple from A to Z (We
> > don't use mutch upper case letter, is there a reason ?). In fact, in
> > braille notation there's only the 8 octave of the piano. When he enter
> > music he do exactly the same as us with the relative mode. But If
> > there's big step between two notes, or if he want to be precise at one
> > point, he just say something like "aG4", the note is "writing" at this
> > exactly place (just like in non-relative mode) and it's the new starting
> > point for the relative notation. For me it sound realy a good idear, we
> > can't do it actually because we name the octave in the non relative mode
> > with the same signs that are use for increase or decrease note in
> > relative mode.
> This sounds like using a bunch of \relative modes inside a piece, like this:
> \relative c,{
>       c4 d e f |
>       f e d c |
> }
> \relative c'{
>       a4 a b b |
>       a a g2 |
> }
> Is that close enough to what you want?

        Yes, I though that there was something like that possibilities,  but
It's an eavy solution, vith a lot of brace, witch is not very usefull
for blind people.
        An other exemple, my friend was surprised that we used braces after a
\times command. Since 2/3, for exemple mean that there's three notes
after, in braille music they don't put braces, they know that the three
notes after the command are for the times.
        Of course, in this case of \times command it's more readable with the
braces, eaven if we use color-syntaxing editor (that remember me that I
don't tried the vim one since long time, so I work without color-syntax

> Cheers,
> - Graham

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