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Braille output strategy

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Braille output strategy
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 17:48:30 -0000

I have been looking through the code performer/midi code to see if it would
be appropriate to link the Braille output into here. It all seems very midi
Can anybody advise me, before I get any further into it, as to whether or
not it will be worth trying to shoehorn some code into here for an
alternative output format, or is it too MIDI oriented to be of much use.
The Braille output is going to be (of necessity) somewhere between \paper
and \midi output in terms of functionality, i.e. rendering, but to a file.

My scheme isn't really up to much and the kind of code required to add
Braille output will be more comfortable in C++ in my view.
Modifying the grammar is trivial to add a \braille block. Where I take it
from this is a bit of a mystery...

I'm not entirely sure of the linkage between here (the bison parser) and
midi output itself.
In the meantime, I will keep on hacking.

I feel that I need a crash course in basic Lilypond architecture to get me
going..... :(
Any takers?


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