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Re: fonts and lisense

From: Guido Amoruso
Subject: Re: fonts and lisense
Date: 05 Feb 2003 08:24:34 +0100

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 23:35, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

> > I've been reading some discussion on the Xemo mailing-list
> > ( about fonts. They are interested in creating
> > and/or modifying free music fonts, in order to use them in their
> > source platform: I don't know details about that, but they'd like to
> > make it possible to build both proprietary and free applications
> > it.
> AFAIK, Xemo is dead. The last "news" on their website dates from
> March, 2002

No, they have restarted activies some weeks ago. At present there is
some discussion about fonts: even if this does not reguards Lilypond
it can be useful to have more free music fonts (as far as different
can use them in different ways).
About the future of Xemo, I hope it will gain some real achievement: I
don't know whether it will, but such effort can give useful results as

> > 1. which is Lilypond font lisense? I looked for the lisense in the
> > files, but did't found it: is it GPL, LGPL or another one?
> Feta is GPL.
> > 3. do you think it is possible to use GPL fonts in a proprietary
> > product? I mean, any modification to the fonts should be GPLed, but
> > perhaps that would not regard the whole application.
> Yes, using fonts is allowed, as long as changes to the font are
> redistributed in source form.

I have to ask you one futher piece of information: which are exactly
sources? I mean: I think they are the metafont files (.mf) and the .tfm,
but I don't know much about that.


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