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Figured Bass support

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Figured Bass support
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 19:08:35 +0000
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The example given in the manual for a figured bass seems to be missing a
\notes directive - if I put it inside a \score {} thus

\score {
\context FiguredBass
  \figures {
   <_! 3+ 5- >4
   < [4 6] 8 >
\context Voice { c4 g8 }
\paper {

then I get an error
warning: Junking request: `Lyric_req': \context Voice { c4 etc...

When I put in the missing \notes directive I get a message
programming error: No StaffSpacing wishes found (Continuing; cross thumbs)

This doesn't always happen depending on the relative lengths of the parts I think. Any suggestions for eliminating this would be welcome, meanwhile here is a revised example with the \notes and that is more realistic
\context Voice \notes { \clef bass dis4  c d ais}

\context FiguredBass
  \figures {
   < 6 >4 < 7 >8 < 6+ [_!] >
   < 6 >4 <6 5 [3+] >


By the way, I notice that the character $ is allowed after the \ in lilypond, is this an old feature - it does not seem to be used for anything? I can't see a reference to it in the ChangeLog. (It is being output by denemo, but I don't think it means anything).

Richard Shann

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