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Duration documentation

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Duration documentation
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 19:13:57 +0000
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I found it a bit difficult to understand the format of duration in lilypond - I think two of the examples
given (in 2.6.5 documentation) are misleading:

the explanation of \partial duration is this:

Partial measures, for example in upbeats, are entered using the |\partial| command:
   \partial 4* 5/16 c'16 c4 f16 a'2. ~ a'8. a'16 | g'1

but I think what was meant was 4* 17/16 for the duration, the example as given has the second note straddling the first bar line. In addition the explanation for duration is this:

You can alter the length of duration by a fraction N/M appending `|*|N/M' (or `|*|N' if M=1). This won't affect the appearance of the notes or rests produced.
   a'2*2 b'4*2 a'8*4 a'4*3/2 gis'4*3/2 a'4*3/2 a'4

I think the example was meant to be

a'2*2 b'4*2 a'8*4 a'4*4/3 gis'4*4/3 a'4*4/3 a'4

otherwise the final a'4 does not actually start at the beginning of the bar (as you can see by putting the bar in manually at this point and getting a barcheck failure).


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