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Changes in latex package geometry-3 cause improper paper usage

From: Sebastian J. Bronner
Subject: Changes in latex package geometry-3 cause improper paper usage
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 15:19:30 -0700
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teTeX-2.0.2 comes bundled with LeTeX package geometry-3.2.  Beginning with 
version 3 of geometry, it's interface changed.  This causes ly2dvi to use it 
improperly, and the result is that the output stops approximately two score 
lines before it used to.  Here the explanation from the geometry manual:

=== extract from geometry.pdf ===
1 Preface to Version 3

The geometry package becomes even more flexible and powerful with the release 
of version 3.  This new release contains major changes and enhacements in 
user interface, calculation schemes and the default settings of the page 

* New default layout.

The `automatic' centering is no longer default layout.  Instead of centering, 
the idea of margin ratio and common values for default settings are 
introduced: the ratio of left (inner) margin to right (outer) margin is set 
1:1 (2:3) for twoside), and the ratio of top to bottom is set 2:3.  The 
margin ratios can be specified by newly introduced options, e.g. marginratio 
(see Section 3.2 and 5.3) for the detail).  In addition, the spaces for the 
head and foot of the page are disregarded in calculating th eplacement of the 
text area bf default.  Furthermore the default scale of the type alrea is set 
to 0.7 with 70% of the width and height of the paper.  If you want to use the 
old default layout of version 2.3 or earlier, add compat2 as a first option, 
e.g., \usepackage[compat2,left=1.5in]{geometry}, which sets the old default 
options [scale={0.8,0.9}, centering, includeheadfoot] and allows the 
subsequent option to behavi as if they are used in the old version.  See also 
Section 6.1 for the detail of the default layout.
=== end extract ===

By running ly2dvi with --keep and modifying the .latex file to use the 
"compat2" option in the usepackage{geometry} directive, I could get the 
proper layout.  But this seems unfeasible in the long-term.  I did not see a 
spot in ly2dvi to specify options to the geometry package.
Sebastian J. Bronner

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