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Re: help required in input/test

From: Pedro Kroger
Subject: Re: help required in input/test
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 07:17:18 -0300
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> Any advanced Lilypond users out there 

Well, I'm not an advanced user but I'll give a try :))

> 1) the staccatos don't get added.  The make-music and
> scm stuff needs to be fixed/updated.  (hint: does
> work; maybe that can help you with

Try putting 'EventChord in the place of 'RequestChord around line 18:

   (if (equal? (ly:get-mus-property m 'name) 'EventChord)
> 3) knowledge of #'molecule-callback.  I think we're
> missing a few boxes in this example.

It seems to be working here... (lily 1.7.24 and latest cvs code)
maybe the FIXME in this file can be deleted?
> 4) and both have been massively
> commented out.  I've never used chords, so I'd appreciate it if somebody
> else looked at them. had a few misplaced dots and a
#(set-chord-name-style 'jazz) code that seems not to be necessary
anymore. The "corrected" code (or at least compilable :)) is as
follows. I couldn't find "" thought.

scheme = \chords {
  % major chords
  c:6           % 6 = major triad with added sixth
  c:maj         % triangle = maj
  c:6.9^7       % 6/9 
  c:9^7         % add9

  % minor chords
  c:m           % m = minor triad
  c:m6          % m6 = minor triad with added sixth
  c:m7+ % m triangle = minor major seventh chord
  c:3-.6.9^7    % m6/9 
  c:m7          % m7
  c:3-.9        % m9
  c:3-.9^7      % madd9

  % dominant chords
  c:7           % 7 = dominant
  c:7.5+        % +7 = augmented dominant
  c:7.5-        % 7b5 = hard diminished dominant
  c:9           % 7(9)
  c:9-          % 7(b9)
  c:9+          % 7(#9)
  c:13^9.11     % 7(13)
  c:13-^9.11    % 7(b13)
  c:13^11       % 7(9,13)
  c:13.9-^11    % 7(b9,13)
  c:13.9+^11    % 7(#9,13)
  c:13-^11      % 7(9,b13)
  c:13-.9-^11   % 7(b9,b13)
  c:13-.9+^11   % 7(#9,b13)

  % half diminished chords
  c:m5-.7               % slashed o = m7b5
  c:9.3-.5-     % o/7(pure 9)

  % diminished chords
  c:m5-.7-      % o = diminished seventh chord

\score {
  \notes <
    \context ChordNames {
%       #(set-chord-name-style 'jazz)
        \scheme }
    \context Staff \transpose c c' \scheme
> 5) question about music notation: if you have a cue in a
> different clef, should you return to the initial clef before you start
> the real notes? IIRC you should, but this file originally didn't do
> that.

I'm not an expert on that, but the viola parts I usually play return
to the initial clef. I'll check other (and more reliable) editions
thought.  Meanwhile, how about uncommenting the line that set the
notes of the horn to the right size? (\property Staff.fontSize\unset)
> 6) I suspect this scheme isn't working.  Any scheme
> hackers want to take a look?

I'm sorry but I couldn't get this one to work :(( But ... since "If
possible, avoid this feature [outputproperty]: the semantics are not
very clean, and the syntax and semantics are up for rewrite" (user's
manual) why not change the example to something nicer like:

\context Staff \notes\relative c''{
\once \property Score.RehearsalMark
            \set #'extra-offset = #'(-0.3 . 3.0)
        \mark A
        \mark B

> 7) I'm not certain that we need so much blank space in
> this example.  (ok, this one is a question for Han or Jan)

my vote would be for less space



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