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Re: LilyPond 1.7.30 available

From: Chris Sawer
Subject: Re: LilyPond 1.7.30 available
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 17:37:29 +0100
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In message <address@hidden>
          Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> wrote:

> LilyPond 1.7.30 is available!  I expect that this is the last 1.8
> prerelease.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who's worked on
LilyPond 1.7, I've just installed 1.7.30 on my machine, and everything seems
to work perfectly. The output is even more beautiful than ever.

Thanks especially for providing the workaround for glibc 2.2.2. I tried to
upgrade my system, via RPMs, but the new glibc RPM needed a new gcc RPM,
which needed a new binutils RPM, which needed... a new glibc RPM! At this
point, I saw the announcement that a workaround had been written, much to my

I have a couple of small 'issues' with 1.7.30 that may not have been brought
to people's attention before.

Firstly, my system had a problem with fi.po, using msgfmt (GNU gettext)
version 0.10.35:

 fi.po:2215: illegal control sequence
 fi.po:2227: illegal control sequence

If a newer version of gettext is required, perhaps it should be added to the
'INSTALL' file (unless it's there already and I've overlooked it!).

[Deleting fi.po, as I don't need Finnish support, allowed me to continue the
compilation successfully]

Secondly, somewhere in the 1.7 series a feature has been introduced whereby
alternate pages are shifted to the left and right, like they would be in a
book. For sheet music, especially if it's only a couple of pages, this is not
always appropriate.

Also, in orchestral scores where the name of each instrument is written to
the left of its line on the stave, the name of the instrument (even when
shortened) often falls off the left hand side of the page. This occurs if A4
paper is used, on evenly numbered pages which get shifted to the left. It can
be seen on the A4 score of the latest piece to be added to Mutopia,
G. Donizetti's String Quartet no. 18 (typeset by Maurizio Tomasi):

Is there a way of turning off this behaviour? Alternatively, or perhaps as
well, should the default margins be changed?

Again, thanks to everyone, but especially Han-Wen and Jan, for all the work
they've done to LilyPond. Its rapid growth never ceases to amaze me!


Chris Sawer   -   address@hidden   -   Mutopia team leader
Free sheet music for all at Mutopia:

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