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Um ... new website frontpage

From: Jeremy
Subject: Um ... new website frontpage
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 16:39:53 +0200

Once the moment of bliss the new, completely redone version of the
web site has passed, I am left with a few doubts. I'll only focus on
the front page for the moment.

- "The name is Pond ... LilyPond" is cute. If you're trying to 'sell'
  your product to a bunch of young teens. If you're trying to compete
  with professionals such as Finale, this kind of humor is out.
  Because to all the professional editors I know, typing your music in
  a notepad program is scary enough without chasing them away with bad

- "Miss Manners of Music Printing" is note English. Whatever anybody
  says, this sounds typically foreign. It's a bad pun, that similarly
  to the Pond joke, will scare people away by a lack of

- Something which strikes me as horrendously ironic, is how -- while
  joking with such titles -- the page manages to be so pompous
  "beautiful music for everyone." Feeding a judgement to "customers"
  (though admittedly you aren't really trying to sell anything here)
  is a bad idea altogether, and I'd believe that something like
  "LilyPond -- an alternate way of producing sheet music" or "LilyPond
  -- artisanal-like sheet-music" (though this one sounds just as
  pompous) without any quality judgements. The essay is good enough to
  convince ANYBODY, or nearly, that LilyPond is superior to Finale &

  As a note, Coda Music's slogan is "Finale -- The World's
  Best-Selling Music Notation Program" which passes no judgement at
  all on the software itself. `American Pie: the Wedding' is
  currently in second place on the USA Box Office, which says nothing
  about the movie itself (thank God for small favors).

  If you do keep this slogan, think of adding a space after the "..."

- The two columns look ugly on wider displays. This also applies to
  the "News" / "Quick Link" columns too. Too little text -- is a News
  column really necessary? I can't imagine you'd have anything else to
  announce than new releases.

- "Why did we revive the esthetics of traditionally engraved music?"
  is just as arrogant as the Coda Music "Finale *elevates* the notation
  experience". Perhaps "Why are we trying to revive the esthetics of
  traditionally engraved music?", because as you say, it's not perfect

- If, like on my browser, the page scrolls, people are ultimately
  going to want to rip you apart for putting the search function at
  the bottom. Why not place it at the right of the navigation bar?
- The painting is nice, and the color scheme is appropriate.

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