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Re: new website online

From: Heikki Johannes Junes
Subject: Re: new website online
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 22:10:29 +0300 (EEST)

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

> Dear LilyPond fans,
> The new  website for is now on-line, at
> (it will probably be moved to shortly)
> Come and gawk in awe in the new website, which has cool navigation,
> utmost usability, and neat shazzy pictures!
> (Also, please report any typing errors and other strangenesses.)


Header: The name is Pond... LilyPond

Text: Computer printouts of sheet music usually look dull. LilyPond is
      different: it can make beautiful sheet music. Use it for your music too!

Comment: The header does match with the text. What about something original,
         a different slogan:

           Header: Let Lily Ponder ...

         Here `Lily' would be a nickname for LilyPond and
         Ponder refers to thinking. It makes you think what Lily indeed


Header: Miss Manners of Music Printing

Text: What sets LilyPond apart from other programs? Why did we revive the
      esthetics of traditionally engraved music? How did we do it?

Comment: I still have not got the message of this header. I have used
         my dictionary to translate the meaning of these words. The
         meassage is not clear; it can be read in many ways:

         - And here comes Miss 2003 of "Manners of Music Printing"!
         - (We are) missing manners of music printing.
         - Do you miss manners of music printing?

         Sorry, it was rather obscure. If the idea is to be clear and
         if the message is obscure, you are lost. 100-0 for the reader.

         If the idea is to continue the tradition of music engraving,
         the message should be that, for instance,

           Header: The Art of Music Printing

         Why to start the text with other programs? If you have a good
         thing and you want to sell it, go directly to the subject:

           Text: Why did we revive the esthetics of traditionally engraved
                 music? How did we do it?

         The sentence "How did we do it?" already contains the message
         "What sets LilyPond apart from other programs?" But if to
         mention, why not to go a bit further in the history:

                 Did our masters really engrave music by hands?

         The computerized music engraving is also hand work, and it is a
         thing which should not be forgotten!


Header: Quick links

Top bar: Branch         version         jump to

Comment: First, capitalization: "Quick Links". How these links
         are quicker than other links? What about:

         Header: Latest Releases

         The capitalization in the top line of the table varies. Either
         to capitalize all words, or not:

         Top bar: Branch        Version         Jump to

Did you like my suggestions?


  Heikki Junes

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