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Re: 1.9.4 released/Request for comments: chord syntax!

From: Pedro Kroger
Subject: Re: 1.9.4 released/Request for comments: chord syntax!
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 16:02:42 -0300
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* Han-Wen Nienhuys (address@hidden) wrote:

I prefer << for chords and < for simultaneous.

> However, the benefit is not large, since << and >> are rather easy
> to type.

I agree, and one can use an editor to have the tags automatically
inserted. I _really_ like the "saving keystrokes" approach of the
lilypond language (compare with guido for instance), but I don't think
typing << is a big deal.

> * How does readability change?  I have the impression that the old
> syntax is more readable than the new one [snip]
>   My feeling is that << >> stands out better in the text, and that in
>   the < > version the chord-pitches do not appear to form groups.

I definitely agree. That's probably one of the reasons I usually type:

  {s2-\< s2-\!}

instead of:

< c1 {s2-\< s2-\!} >

because I can see the structure better this way. This is the reason I
found << much better for chords.


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