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New Programer Questions

From: Jeremy Black
Subject: New Programer Questions
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 11:16:35 -0700

I am a CS undergrade and I am seriously thinking about adding some features to 
Lilypond as my senior project. I have some questions I haven t been able to 
I would like to make some plug-ins for lilypond. I would like to make new note 
had shapes, a new staff, and a new Clif_engraver(?) to integrate the two 
correctly  . What language would I write them in, were in the lilypond tree 
would I put them, how would I tell Lilypond that they are there, and when to 
use them?

The Lilypond web site says that all plugeins cooperate through the Lilypond
architecture. I would like a general idea of what the architecture is, a 
general explanation of how Lilypond is put together.


Jeremy F. Black

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