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OSX development project to link with CoreGraphics/CoreAudio

From: Matthias Neeracher
Subject: OSX development project to link with CoreGraphics/CoreAudio
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 02:11:27 -0700

From: Jim Witte <address@hidden>

I'm *very* new to LilyPond (I just tried, without success, to compile it, but I already had fink installed from MacGIMP, so that may have accounted for errors).

Quite possibly. I'm not sure how up to date MacGIMP is. Feel free to forward build errors to me (personally, not via the list).

Is there a project fork aimed at porting LilyPond to use the native CoreGraphics (and perhaps CoreAudio as well) calls, and remove dependencies on Fink/X11?

LilyPond is not dependent on Fink as such. It's just that you need a substantial list of prerequisites to build it (TeX, Metafont, Guile, Python, Scheme), so doing that through a stable package manager is an advantage. If you prefer not to use 3rd party package managers, you might want to try porting lilypond to Apple's darwinports manager.

LilyPond is not dependent on X11 at all, nor does it play any audio. The MIDI files it generates are already played through platform native means. Theoretically, you could conceive of a LilyPond like system generating PDF through CoreGraphics without going through TeX, but that would be insanely complex.

Also, can LilyPond be compiled with Apple's X11 software package?

Not really applicable, as I explained above, but FWIW, I'm running my Fink installation under Apple's X11 just fine.


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