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Re: Debian (Sid) packages for Lilypond 2.0.1

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Debian (Sid) packages for Lilypond 2.0.1
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 13:51:33 +0200
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All other distributions I know of install the files
buildscripts/out/{lilypond-profile,lilypond-login} in
/etc/profile.d/, which means that they are sourced automatically
as soon as you start a new shell. (Watch out about the naming,
it may be necessary to renamve them to and
lilypond-login.csh, respectively.) This means that there is no
need to add links to lilypond within /usr/share/texmf/.

Of course, Anthony's solution is neat but requires that the
package maintainer is always up-to-date with the changes in
LilyPond and might cause a real mess if someone wants to
build and install a development version of LilyPond somewhere
else on the system.


Pedro Kroger wrote:

Maybe this is a non-issue, but could you please verify if
dvips -Ppdf -u myscore.dvi
works correctly with the Debian installation.

No it doesn't :-(
I'll file a bug report to debian, but before, could you tell me how
this is addressed in other distributions? Maybe I'll fix it myself and
send a patch.


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