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Re: i18n

From: Volodymyr M. Lisivka
Subject: Re: i18n
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 21:22:52 +0200

чт, 2003-11-27 у 15:04, Mats Bengtsson написав:
> It's not only planned, it's implemented. Try for example
> set LANG=ru
> export LANG
> lilypond -h
I just trying to print lyrics in Ukrainian language.
I must manually hack lilypond and output file in to see Ukrainian text
in PDF file.

My locale is uk_UA.KOI8-U (I am Ukrainian).

To view text in Ukrainian language, latex header must look like this:


You can get encoding and language name from locale name.

uk -> ukrainian
KOI8-U -> koi8-u

In .tex file, you use font cmr10(Computer Mathematics Roman 10pt) to
display lyrics. I just remove this mapping, because I don't know any
proper way to view Cyrillic letters with TeX commands without manual
remapping of Cyrillic letters to required positions (the job of the
inputenc package).

I define "\magfontWTDXBomMMBo" as

Then I generated .dvi file with LaTeX and .pdf with dvipdf (instead of

See example files in attachment. (First two words in lyrics in English,
next three - in Ukrainian).

Can you modify lilypond to produce similar output automagicaly?

Best regards, Volodymyr M. Lisivka

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