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Re: How to get A5 pages in PDF output

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: How to get A5 pages in PDF output
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:19:59 +0100
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The dvips program will always give you the default paper format
(=A4 on most installations) unless you specify the paper size using
'dvips -ta5 ...'. If you use ly2dvi (now renamed to lilypond), it
will automatically add this flag when it calls dvips, but if you
use lilypond-book, you have to do it manually.

However, the easiest is often to first make the score in A4 format
and then postprocess the Postscript file to convert it into A5.
For example. you can use 'psnup -2 ...' or 'mpage -2 ...' to
reduce each A4 page to A5 size and print them two and two on A4
paper. Combined with the 'psbook' command you could easily prepare
an A5 booklet. See the manual pages for the respective commands.


van Silfhout, Ruud wrote:

I want to print a lilypond book on A5 page size. How can I instruct lilypond (or dvips and ps2pdf) to do so? I tried to instruct lilypond to print it on A5 paper, but then the PDF-output does not show A5 paper, so I cannot see how the text and the music fit on the pages.

TIA Ruud

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