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Re: LilyPond 2.1.2 released

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: LilyPond 2.1.2 released
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 07:56:54 +0100
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In addition to the situation Erik describes, I can think of two
other main uses of this feature:

- Cue notes within an instrumental part (=> the size change should
  only apply to a specific Voice, not to all the Staff).

- Scores where one or more of the staves should be typeset in smaller
  size, typically a piano part of an instrumental sonata.
  In this situation, it would be nice to set the size of both the
  staff-space of the StaffSymbol and the size of all the objects
  within the stave with a single command.

In all these three situations, I think it is reasonable that the
thickness of beams and slurs is scaled accordingly.


Erik Sandberg wrote:
On Wednesday 17 December 2003 18.41, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

address@hidden writes:

Sounds great! I hope it's possible to set the size of all objects
in a Staff, for example, using something similar to
\property Staff.fontSize = #0.857

For variable symbols (like beam & slur), it's not immediately clear
what such a statement should do. Do you want the thickness of those
being scaled together according to the font-size setting?

The most natural thing (in my eyes) would be that all objects would be scaled in the same way as they are by \include "". I.e., if paperXX scales (or is supposed to scale) everything linearly, then it would be most useful with a command that does exactly this. Instead of forcing the user to have control, he/she could just trust the default scaling behaviour (i.e.: if, for some reason, some objects belonging to the staff should _not_ be scaled linearly according to the engraving standards in the real world, then this should in the long run be reflected in the way this command would act).

I suppose this command could need to change both something like Staff.fontsize and a number of other properties, as you say..

Also, in the long run it would be great to have a command that has exactly the effect of \include "" but which works on continuous values of XX (this the feature I miss most in lilypond right now: the ability to fairly easily scale a score to fit in exactly two pages).


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