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Musically....maybe GPL

From: Andy Winton
Subject: Musically....maybe GPL
Date: 22 Dec 2003 09:06:27 +0000

hi guys,

        I'm the author of Musically
        which is a graphical typesetting program for the apple

        I started this when I was out of work (like so many
        people in the IT 'industry').

        However, I now have a job and I'm finding it difficult
        to find the time to write the code for this.  So I
        was thinking about putting this into the public domain
        in GPL or some other form.

        I've posted here, as my plan was to make it read/write
        lilypond file format.  So would give people a GUI for
        creating public domain music.

        So my question is, is this of any interest to anyone and
        will anyone continue with the development of this software?


andy winton

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