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textheight and interscoreline (for the manual)

From: Alexandre B
Subject: textheight and interscoreline (for the manual)
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 00:19:00 -0500
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Would it be possible to add a little section in the manual at:

to inform the user that it's possible to specify negative 'interscoreline' 
values.. which really speeds up the general layout when you're done 
typesetting a piece. I was about to add it to the new Wiki.. but it seemed it 
was down.. so I posted here :)


\score {
  \paper {
    interscoreline = -2\mm

I searched the mailing lists and read the manual just to find that I was using 
the right identifier, but.. 0\mm wasn't enough to remove the blank space I 
saw between the staves and I hadn't though of negative values. Just writing a 
little hint would probably help others to solve that issue faster.

Also.. the textheight identifier didn't seem to have a single effect.. is that 
identifier deprecated or perhaps I used it erroneously ? (although it was in 
the paper block inside the score block).

Thanks! :)

Alexandre Bourget

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