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Re: \mark\markup\left-align bug

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: \mark\markup\left-align bug
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:55:39 +0100

[flup to lilypond-devel]

address@hidden writes:
> > Yes - I'm not sure what is the best way to go about.  Documenting all
> > of them may lead to duplication and inconsistencies.  What do you think?
> Well, I took a closer look, and I don't think what's in Program-reference
> -> Markup Functions can be considered documentation.  It doesn't describe
> most of the functions at all (so there is nothing to duplicate), and some
> of what is there is wrong or misleading.  I'm tempted to rewrite the
> entire TextMarkup page, but it turns out that there are too many bugs, and
> things that don't work, and things I don't understand, for me to do that
> yet.  So for now, here is a bunch of comments.  Maybe if you can clarify a
> few things and address some of the easier programming issues, I could work
> on the documentation after that.

I agree that the notation manual and esp. program reference is
lacking. If you want to address this, I would be very glad.  The
program reference doc strings are in scm/new-markup.scm, and I assume
you know where to look in the manual.

> Summarized from (Tuning Output -> Text Markup)
> Sizes (absolute)
> \teeny
> \tiny
> \small
>       (Need something to select the \normal size)

> (relative)
> \larger               (WRONG!!  should be \bigger)

I added \larger too.

> \smaller
> \fontsize
> \magnify
> (fonts)
> \dynamic
> \number
> \italic
> \bold
> \super
> \sub
> \musicglyph
> \char
> \note         (The syntax for this is really bad!  Why not just \note 2. 
> <dir>,
>       and let the computer compute logarithms and count dots?)

I added a TODO. If anyone feels challenged, feel free to change. My

        \note #"2."
> \override     (How do we know which properties we can use?  i.e.
>               "formatting property" as opposed to "object property" or
>               "interpreter property"?)

I've added a short note.

> The difference between { a b c } and < a b c > is not clear from the
> documentation. As far as I can tell from testing \column \line and \center
> simply require <> instead of {}, which seems like an arbitrary aberation
> of syntax. We don't write \sequential<> or \simultaneous<> !

{ } is a line-composition, i.e.

{ A B C }

is printed as

   A  B  C

< A B C > represents a list of markups. Some commands simply take a
list of markups.

     { A B C }

is equivalent to

   \line < A B C > 

> Additional things listed on (Program reference -> markup functions)
> \bigger       (documented as larger?)
> \box          (very useful: should be documented with bracket and
>               hbracket)
> \center
> \column
> \combine      (no clues given in documentation.  Does it just put them
>               in the same place/overstrike them?)


> \dir-column   (Description refers to an unlisted argument DIRECTION.
>               Requires <>. I finally figured out it goes top-down under
>               the staff and bottom-up over the staff, but it took a
>               while to figure out, even after looking at the code.)


> \finger               (fingering font?)


> \fraction
> \halign               (typo in description "haling" instead of "\halign"
>               In testing, I can't get this to actually do anything.)
> \left-align   (see \right-align comment)
> \line         (says "\line << markups >>" instead of < > )
> \lookup               (So... what does it do after finding the glyph?)

It returns it. 

> \musicglyph   (arg: "any type"? doesn't it have to be a string naming
>               a character from the feta font?)

good question. I'd say string.

> \normal-size-sub      (is this identical to \sub\normal ? Oh wait,
>               there is no \normal ...)


> \right-align  (one expects a right-justifying counterpart to \center,
>               but it does, um, something subtly different. It should
>               probably work just like \center.)

it centers the argument around its right edge.

> \simple               (Requires a #"scheme string" instead of a markup string.
>               Can leave this one undocumented.)


> \strut                (not sure what is meant.  \strut gives programming 
> error:
>               No parser tag defined for this signature)

I probably never got round to implementing it.

> \typewriter
> MISSING functions
> \sans-serif   (to select a helvetica font)


> \normal       (to return to normal font size, esp. in cases where that
>               is not the default)


> One last question, concerning text in some music I'm doing recently.  Is
> there any way to typeset a Measure Repeat (like \repeat "percent") in a
> text script or lyrics?

No. You could kludge it with \markup { "%" } though


 Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden   | 

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