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Re: how to report bugs

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: how to report bugs
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:37:41 +0100 (CET)

[CVS 2004-01-19 09:31 MET]

> * For things with many bugs, eg. the ottava bracket, I would prefer
>   a complete description of how things should look, if possible with
>   a scan from a printed edition.

I don't have a scanner, sorry.  For crowded piano music with all bells
and whistles have a look into Beethoven's late piano sonatas, for
example op. 106, op. 111, etc.

>   In general, I prefer to get bugs in topic-related batches: when
>   there are too many bugs in one area, I tend to go for a big
>   rewrite that fixes most or all outstanding problems. For small
>   bugs, I usually do a stop-gap kludge.

Will try to do that.

> * If it's not too much work, you could make a little webpage of all
>   your bugs showing the .ly and the .png - that makes for easier
>   browsing.

Hmm, most of the time I'm working offline.  It is a lot of work to do
that, and I'm not sure whether I have enough time to do that.  What I
will try is to upload .ly and .pdf files to a certain directory which
you could monitor.

> * If you have a severe bug, please mark it so. My definition of
>   severe might be different from yours.

OK.  For reference, here my list of severe bugs, reported in the last
few days:

. Harmonic note headers are too small.  In the current CVS, the shape
  is OK.

. Ledger lines are not symmetric if accidentals are present.
  [Additionally, the positioning of accidentals is bad, but this is a
  minor issue currently.  I'll file a bug report later.]

. Ottava bassa octavation lines are missing vertical padding to note
  heads.  Since dynamic marks have the same problem recently if they
  are located below a staff I believe that you've introduced a bug in
  the last few days.

. Rehearsal marks in the first bar of a staff must be positioned right
  to the clef, not at the beginning of the line.

. Ties don't get enough horizontal space in tight lines.

. Ties in chords which contain seconds have incorrect horizontal start
  and end points.


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