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Re: small staff massacre

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: small staff massacre
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:46:30 +0100 (CET)

> > % . Current documentation says that changing the `fontSize' and
> > %   `StaffSymbol' properties is sufficient.  Unfortunately, it is not:
> > %
> > %   1. Note positions in chords are not computed correctly.  There seems
> > %      to be a problem to decide which is `up' and which is `down'.
> Strange, cannot duplicate.

Will try with new CVS again -- note that I always do a fresh rebuild;
maybe this causes some differences to your environment.

> This is intentional. Extra-offset is a global mechanism that is
> supposed to work for arbitrary objects.
> We could change this, though.

I favour a change.  AFAIK, extra-offset's unit is the distance from
staff line to staff line.  If this is not true for smaller staves it
becomes complicated to move objects around, especially if you decide
later to change the staff size again.

> > % 10. I'm not sure whether the thickness of staff lines really
> > %     should be the same in both the bigger and the smaller staff.
> > %     Thicker than normal is correct, but that thick?  The problem
> > %     is that the thickness of beams must be smaller; this reduces
> > %     the contrast between beams and staff lines.
> Check out a good quality pocket score. They have the same line
> thickness for small staffs.  For my baerenreiter Brahm serenade no
> 1, the thickness indeed is 1/5th of staffspace.

Will do that.

> > % 11. A similar problem for stems.  The stem thickness is too big
> > %     IMHO compared to note heads.
> fixed.

Will test soon.


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