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\note not converted

From: Ruud van Silfhout
Subject: \note not converted
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 20:53:21 +0100


I converted a 1.9.8 version lilypond file to a 2.1.11 version. After conversion
it did not work. The problem was caused by the \note #2 #0 #1 markup option.
This did not translate into the new syntax \note #"2" #1. From the error
message (see below) it was not directly clear to me (although I now understand
the message) that this was the cause. I first thought it had something to
do with the text. Is this difficult to translate automatically using the
convert-ly tool?

Ruud error: syntax error, unexpected SCM_T:
              "(" \tiny \note #2 #0 #0.7
                                          "ca. 63, steigernd zu " \tiny \note
#2 #0 #0.7 "ca. 69)" 

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