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Re: padding for DynamicText

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: padding for DynamicText
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 15:41:50 +0100 (CET)

> >    Dynamics are objects of *note (lilypond-internals)DynamicText::
> >    and *note (lilypond-internals)Hairpin::.  Vertical positioning
> >    of these symbols is handled by the *note
> >    (lilypond-internals)DynamicLineSpanner:: object.
> > 
> > but this isn't true.  Setting the `padding' property for
> > DynamicText has no effect at all.
> That's exactly what it says: for vertical positioning (i.e. setting
> padding) use the DynamicLineSpanner.

Thanks, it works.  Apparently I've done a mistake somewhere.

What about `staff-padding'?  If I understand the description properly,
it gives the minimum distance of a grob to the staff.  This is even
more useful than `padding' for dynamics.  Unfortunately, I can't make
it work (see below and attached image).



% This file shows a problem with the `staff-padding' property in lilypond
% CVS 2004-01-26 14:23 MET.
% . If I interpret the documentation correctly, `staff-padding' gives the
%   minimum distance of a grob to the staff.  For the example below it
%   has no visible effect.

\version "2.1.15"

\score {
  \notes \relative c' {
\property Voice.DynamicLineSpanner \override #'staff-padding = #5
    c''2-\f c\< c\!

  \paper {
    linewidth = -1


PNG image

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