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Fw: A small step for guitar chord diagrams: syntax

From: José Luis Cruz
Subject: Fw: A small step for guitar chord diagrams: syntax
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 18:07:01 +0100

Hi, just a few notes, before i go to class. I'm hurry, i'm pretty
hurry :)

A 02/02/04 03:37:54
Heikki Johannes Junes <address@hidden> escribió:

> Seems like here `xŽ does not mean here a mute string ... that means
> customable string both below and above... and `OŽ is different than
> `oŽ ...

ops, sorry that was my fault ;) there should be no such 'x' in that
diagram, hehe.

>> \property Score.TabDiagram \override #'number-frets = #5
>This look analogous to Tablatures, in which fret number is

Ok, here i meant how many frets will be the diagram composed of,
(maybe would be a 'number-of-frets' a better name for that. Another
thing is the upper diagram fret, in roman numeral.

> Text and diagram should scale together, I guess.

I agree.

>A good symbol could be, for example, black filled circle that has a
>white number which tells the finger.

Well, the thing is that with latex you can get all those things, but
it'll be great if apart from that there are some defaults available on

>( 1BTW, this look much like Tablature turned 90 degree clockwise. )

That's another feature. To be able to rotate the diagrams ;) but the
text remaining vertical. Don't you?

José Luis

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