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grace slur and de/crescendi

From: Olivier Guéryéry
Subject: grace slur and de/crescendi
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 12:00:22 +0100

I'm tring to type the clarinet concerto of Mozart and here are two small reflexions :

% The slur between grace notes and note shoud be attached to the head
% of the note, but here he's attached to the stem.
% I can change this with :
% \property Voice.Slur \override #'attachment = #'( head . head )
% But it should be the default, am I wrong ?
% In my printed scrores, the de/crescendi begin under
% the left side of the note and end under the head attachement of
% the stem, exept if there's a bar just after, in this last case
% (who occure very ofen) the de/crescendi end just before the bar.
% Here they begin center on the note head and stop on the left side.
% IMHO the first way is cleaner (maybe it's just an old habit).

\version "2.1.18"
\include ""

\score {
 \context Staff \notes \relative c'' {
       e8.[\( \<
\grace{f32[( e d e]} f16]) g8.[ \grace {a32[( g f g]} a16]) bf8-. e,-.\)
\! g4( \> f) \! r4

\paper { linewidth = -1 }


I hope my explanations are clear (more than my english).


Olivier <address@hidden>

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