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Some points about hyphens (and a possible patch)

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: Some points about hyphens (and a possible patch)
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 22:10:08 +0100


I played a bit with lyric hyphens.

1. First I found that with latin1-encoded accented characters calculating
the bounding box is not totally exact.
Try ÖÜÖÜÖÜ and \"O\"U\"O\"U as a syllable and compare.

2. In lily/ the following can be found:
            If there is not enough space, the hyphen should disappear.
        if (space_left < 0)
            return SCM_EOL;

I don't think that's a good idea, because I don't want to lose hyphens at
the line endings. I would prefer the following:
          if (space_left < 0.2) {       
            space_left = 0.2;

This way the hyphen will always be drawn with a little space to the
syllable. I think it would be important to include this or something

Between syllables deleting hyphens is also a bad idea (I don't know if this
can be happen). In some languages (including Hungarian, German, etc.) there
are some 'compound letters' that must be hyphenated specially, e.g.

So the good solution would be to ensure that hyphens will be always set
correctly. So I think, if it is needed, the syllables and/or noteheads
should be moved around to avoid collision with hyphens. 



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