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Slur attachment / collisions and cadenza problems

From: Olivier Guéry
Subject: Slur attachment / collisions and cadenza problems
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 01:36:46 +0100

sorry this test is big. I tried to put differents exemples of colition problems. I don't know if you need this to point these problems... Must I fall back on playing with the \markup and slur options ? Or can you solve my problems ?



\version "2.1.19"
\include ""

\score {
 \context Staff \notes \relative c'' {
        \time 3/4

% Below, IMHO the "p" is too high, the minimum space between the staff and the dynamic should be bigger
        a'8.( -\p f16 c'4. a16 f | e4 g) r4 |

% Here the stem is not atached to the head. Corect with a "(head . stem)" VoiceSlur property
        f32( d b g f d b g
        a''( g f) |

% Here is from my previous message the result without the VoiceSlur property
        e8.[\( \<
\grace{f32[( e d e]} f16]) g8.[ \grace {a32[( g f g]} a16]) bf8-. e,-.\) \! g4( \> f) \! r4

% The slur colide withe the "f" In such case other printer music looks too ofen put the dynamice at the left of the note.
        g,,4(~ -\f g16[ a32 b c16 b] a[ g f' e]) |
% Colision with a doted note and the decrecendi is too high
        \times 4/6 {e16[( -\p \< d c! d e f]}
        \times 4/6 {g[ f e f g a]}
        bf!16-. c-. d-.  e,-.) \! |
        g4( \>  f) \! r4 |

% Colision with the "6" from the "\times 4/6"

        \times 4/6 {g16[( -\p gs a bf!  b c]}
        \times 4/6 {cs[ d ds e f fs]}
        \times 4/6 {g![ gs a bf! b c!])} |

% Colision with the trill
        d,2.^\trill\( \grace{c16[( d])} | c4\) r4 r4

% Colition with the fermata. And \cadenzaOn problems :
% I use a Staff.fontSize because all the cadence I read are smaller than the remain of the score
% (expet one, but she's printed like a seperated part).
% All the markup command are too low.
% Cadenza should finish with a bar
        \property Staff.fontSize = #-2
bf16[)( ^\markup {\italic cadenza} a16 c bf] d[ c bf a]) g[( fs _\markup {\italic dim.} a g] bf[ a g f]) e[( ds f e] g[ f e d]) d[( ^ \markup {ritardando} c b c]) b8[( c d c])
        \property Staff.fontSize = #1
        | c4( -\pp ^\markup {a Tempo} f4. a8) |

\paper { }

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