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RE: Patch for lily/

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: RE: Patch for lily/
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 12:03:41 +0100

My first thought was that hyphens at end of staff lines should never
disappear, even if there is not enough space. I consider this more important
because it is more frequent, and it is better to have the hyphen a bit
extended beyond the bar line than to have no hyphen at all.
When two syllables are very close to each other, the hyphen should disappear
and the syllables should be moved so there is no distance between them. But
in some languages some letters are hyphenated specially so if you want to
'unhyphenate' them you should change the syllables as well (for example in
Hungarian word the word 'far': 'messze'  is hyphenated 'mesz -- sze'). This
is one weak point of all notation programs :-) 
The idea of having non-disappearing hyphens could be a solution for this
problem. But disappearing hyphens should not disappear at staff endings. My
patch was aiming at that.


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