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lilypond and valgrind

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: lilypond and valgrind
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 17:28:24 +0100 (CET)

Have you ever run lilypond-bin through valgrind?  It reports an
abnormal high number of errors in guile...

Some examples:

  Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
     at 0x3C07565A: heap_segment (gc.c:1522)
     by 0x3C07579E: scm_mark_locations (gc.c:1590)
     by 0x3C074791: scm_igc (gc.c:1109)
     by 0x3C075FC5: check_mtrigger (gc.c:1959)
     by 0x3C076086: scm_must_malloc (gc.c:2005)
     by 0x3C0A6982: scm_allocate_string (strings.c:241)

  Use of uninitialised value of size 4 
     at 0x3C074944: scm_gc_mark (gc.c:1244)   
     by 0x3C0757AE: scm_mark_locations (gc.c:1592)
     by 0x3C0747B6: scm_igc (gc.c:1119)
     by 0x3C075FC5: check_mtrigger (gc.c:1959)


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