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Re: anther rest buglet

From: Edward Sanford Sutton, III
Subject: Re: anther rest buglet
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 10:31:14 -0700
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On Sunday February 15 2004 08:40, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> > Well, maybe tweak isn't the right word; however, I am afraid that
> > having the position depend on the neighbors will open a can of
> > worms, and won't do the Right Thing in most cases anyway.
> Hmm, my thinking was different.  In the example I sent to you, I don't
> want that the position of the left rest affects the position of the
> right rest.  I agree with you that this is quite difficult to manage.
> Instead, the right rest should be shifted down because the whole note
> in the other voice is still `active'.  With other words, the duration
> of a note should be a kind of spanner which influences the positioning
> of rests in the other voice.  Another useful application of a `spanner
> duration' would be the length of lyrics extender lines.  In the
> attached example, the extender line shouldn't stop after the second
> notehead but extend to the end of the bar.  Finally, it could solve
> the problem of the following input:
>   \score {
>     \notes
>       <<
>          \relative c' \new Voice {
>            g1 |
>          }
>          \lyricsto "" \new Lyrics \lyrics {
>            foo __
>          }
>   }
> Lilypond gives a lot of warnings and doesn't print the extender line.
>     Werner
  Another idea of this could be wether or not to use this on dynamics; right 
now if a \< is attached to the first note, and you wanted it to end at the 
end of measure 2, the only way I am aware of to do that is to attach the end 
to 's' notes in the second measure. As such, I usually attach the end to the 
note in the next measure, since that is where I intend for the cresc to end, 
but I don't know if that is the preferred way or not. It leads to hairpins 
being broken over barlines becoming more likely. I only recall seeing this in 
use from horrible layouts I did in finale, but I'm sure that some are 
probably in publications too.
Ed Sutton

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