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other triplet notation.

From: Olivier Guéry
Subject: other triplet notation.
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 23:58:34 +0100

may be it's a silly idear, but I realy like the way you simplified the notation in lily, and like if it comes beter. IMHO the tuplet notation is too heavy (I'm shure you must use use a shortcup or something like that in emacs, but i'm a vim user and I don't know how to do).

Here is my idear. Why not concidering tuplets just like an other duration suyntax with an option to specified that it's a tuplet ?
Can't we use someting like that :

a8{2/3} r b d g b a8 g16{6/7} a f d r b g

would stand's for

\times 2/3 {a8 r b} \times 2/3 {d g b} a8 \times 6/7 {g16 a f d r b g}

Do you see what I mean (sorry it's realy hard for me to speak english) ?

The syntax : Xy{z/n}
With the 'y' you know the duration of the notes (whitch is alway the same for all the tuplet), with the 'n' you know that the 'n' notes (or rest) just after are in the tuplet.

Of course, it's a litle  less readable, but :
- It's smaller ;
- it's very usefull if you have a lot of times to enter (there's already a synbtax for that, i know) ; - it's very very usefull if you have long succesion of times and non- times notes ;
- we can use the both system.

Unfortunatly, i'm physiotherapist, I can tried to help you if you back hurt's, or if you have problems of wrong position while playing your instrument (or computer :o) but I don't know how to wrote code...



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