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Me and Braille music again

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Me and Braille music again
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:21:54 -0000

I've got some spare time.
So, I'm pretty well done doing a Braille font for Lily, that's no

How I've decided to tackle it is to design a new engraver which will
"hang" the Braille text across the top of the current context items
(e.g. Staff).
I've studied a selection of existing engravers and, since Braille music
is just a stream of Braille characters, I looked at the LyricText
engraver to see how this can easily be achieved. However it contains
lots of "ugh"s and some comment about creating space from thin air, so I
wonder if that is dodgy territory. :( A simple hbox of text with a
Braille font should suffice.

Since everything is spaced and positioned ultimately by chaining grobs
off the top, bottom and side of others, I'm not sure how to position a
grob above *everything* else for the current Staff.

If anybody has a clue about this or if some kind soul wants to help by
producing a simple example of an engraver which would achieve this, I
would be eternally grateful and I can get on with the mechanics of the
Braille music translation itself.

BTW, what's the significance of the "cheesy" names for things e.g. feta
and parmesan.
Since I'm looking for a cute name for my new font, how does Brie sound?


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