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scheme interface for all LilyPond syntactic constructs

From: Nicolas Sceaux
Subject: scheme interface for all LilyPond syntactic constructs
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:37:17 +0100
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I am currently writing a lib that aims at easily building music
expressions. I took the manual from the first page to the last one and
collected the syntactic constructs that imho ought to have a dedicated
scheme function or macro. It looks like this (

\score {
        \new DrumStaff \with {
            drumStyleTable = #timbales-style
            \override StaffSymbol #'line-count = #2
            \override BarLine #'bar-size = #2
        } <<
            \set Staff.instrument = "timbales"
        \new DrumStaff <<
            \set Staff.instrument = "drums"
            \new DrumVoice {\stemUp \drh }
            \new DrumVoice {\stemDown \drl }


\score {
       (mus:new-with DrumStaff
                     ((drumStyleTable timbales-style)
                      (override StaffSymbol line-count 2)
                      (override BarLine bar-size 2))
         (mus:set Staff instrument "timbales")
       (mus:new DrumStaff 
                 (mus:set Staff instrument "drums")
                 (mus:new DrumVoice (mus:seq stemUp drh))
                 (mus:new DrumVoice (mus:seq stemDown drl))))))

The goal of course is to help users (hmm, it cannot be only me, there
must be few others!) creating scheme functions. Collateral damage:
internal function definitions may also be simpler.

Do you think that could actually be interesting? ie: should I go on
implementing and documenting this?

Note: There is some overlap with some functions from


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