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Re: How to debug/play with scheme code?

From: Nicolas Sceaux
Subject: Re: How to debug/play with scheme code?
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 18:57:42 +0100
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Sun, 29 Feb 2004 18:06:16 +0100, Matthias a dit : 

 > I wonder wether there's an easy way to debug scheme code or to get
 > something like an interactive scheme interpreter with LilyPond's
 > extensions allready loaded. Starting with .ly files isn't very
 > convenient.

Some important functions, not to mention music event classes, are
defined in the C++ code. So hacking lily scheme in the guile REPL
would require that lilypond were loaded in it as a shared library, or
something like that. (I once did that but forgot how. something with
libtool). Then, loading scm/lily.scm may be enough (?).

For displaying music expressions, there is a display-music procedure;
this one may also be helpful:

(use-modules (ice-9 format) 
             (ice-9 optargs)
             (srfi srfi-1))

(define*-public (music-pretty-string obj #:optional (depth 0))
  (cond ((ly:music? obj)
         (format #f "<~a~{~a~} >"
                 (ly:music-property obj 'name)
                 (map (lambda (prop)
                        (format #f "~%~v_:~a ~a" 
                                (+ 2 (* 13 depth))
                                (car prop)
                                (cond ((list? (cdr prop))
                                       (format #f "(~{~a~})"
                                               (map (lambda (mus)
                                                      (format #f "~%~v_~a"
                                                              (* 13 (1+ depth))
(music-pretty-string mus (1+ depth))))
                                                    (cdr prop))))
                                      ((string? (cdr prop))
                                       (string-append "\"" (cdr prop) "\""))
                                       (music-pretty-string (cdr prop) (1+ 
                      (remove (lambda (prop)
                                (eqv? (car prop) 'origin))
                              (ly:get-mutable-properties obj)))))
        ((string? obj)
         (format #f "\"~a\"" obj))
        (format #f "~a" obj)))

(define-public (display-music music)
  "Pretty print the music expression (for debugging)."
  (display (music-pretty-string music)))

toto=\notes { cis' cis'! cis'? }
#(display-music toto)
  :elements (
               :elements (
                            :duration #<Duration 4 >
                            :pitch #<Pitch cis' > >) >
               :elements (
                            :force-accidental #t
                            :duration #<Duration 4 >
                            :pitch #<Pitch cis' > >) >
               :elements (
                            :force-accidental #t
                            :cautionary #t
                            :duration #<Duration 4 >
                            :pitch #<Pitch cis' > >) >) >


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