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OOOoooh Bollocks

From: Nigel Warner
Subject: OOOoooh Bollocks
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 22:14:19 -0000

        Dear Developers,

        Gnash, Gnash.... using 2.1.26 under Cygwin it appears that the
        previous beheviour of lilypond-book has been furtwanglered.

        How do I now get:

          panfluteAA = \notes {
          \time 3/4
         r2 \times 2/3 { d'8 e' g' }  |
         g'4 fis' g' |
         a' a'2  ~ | a' g'8( e')  
         \score {
          \context Voice

        to appear exactly as is in a LaTeX document. I am, you guessed it,
        writing a few paragraphs about Lilypond and want to give an example
        of a complete insert of Lilypond code in a LaTeX document. Using an
        enclosing verbatim argument to Lilypond would result in two 
        statements which I am not even going to bother to try to compile. 

        Previously the \begin{verbatim} \end{verbatim} LaTeX environment was
        honoured but now I get:

        {\parindent 0pt
        \input lily-1375627415.tex
        appearing in the output instead of my example. Is this a bug or has this
        facility dissapeared.



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