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Re: compilation error

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: compilation error
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 15:11:06 +0100
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I have to agree with others on this list. Jan and Han-Wen do a
terrific job with LilyPond. One of the few objections I have is
that they sometimes are too eager to adopt new technology.
Of course it would be nice to be able to view pictures with
examples also in the info version of the document, but I see
absolutely no reason for LilyPond to be a pioneer for this
feature. When the technology has stabilized and is available
on most installations, we can take the step.
I'm afraid you underestimate the number of people who actually
compile LilyPond themselves and have to struggle with development
versions of other tools just to be able to build LilyPond.
At the moment (at least before 2.1.28), the situations is fairly
good, I only needed to upgrade Guile and install mftrace with friends
to be able to compile LilyPond on a standard RedHat 9.0 machine.
Please, don't make this situation worse.


Werner LEMBERG wrote:
The less latest-version-or-newer packages are needed,
the better.  lilypond already needs too much packages to work.

What package dependencies do you suggest we drop?

Dependencies on package versions which haven't been released yet?
Normally, relying on a CVS version is dangerous.

I have implemented PostScript output some three or four years ago.
I have seen no user interest at all in output that does not need
TeX, for example.

AFAIK, it has never worked reliably, at least this is the impression
I got after asking on the list.

Fwiw, texinfo is only needed during build; and developers should
know how to type apt-get upgrade (or suffer if they choose to use a
more cumbersome system ;-)

Even then -- I tried to compile the texinfo CVS, which relies on a
brand new automake version which I had to compile before, which relies
on a brand new autoconf version which I had to compile before, etc.,


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