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Text spanners that word wrap.

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Text spanners that word wrap.
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 13:37:28 -0000

Hi again,
I am getting on well with my Braille exploits, but I am looking for some
advice on output formatting.
Currently, for debug purposes, I'm attaching my Braille to individual
notes but progress has made this not now tenable.

I have been looking at the text-spanner-engraver code for some
inspiration as to typesetting a block of text that word wraps.

Since Braille is read as "prose" and is not formatted as per the
characteristics of printed "conventional" music, I am looking at
generating the text for a staff and planting it as a prose section above
as discussed previously. However, it *might* be long and I would prefer
it to word wrap rather than tramming off the end of the staff and/or
continuing with the next system as a break aligned object.

Can anybody tell me if there is an easy way to do this as things stand,
or will I have to program in a special item formatting object to achieve
this? I'm happy to have a go at this if there is no alternative already

An example of the formatting I'm trying to achieve is here:

Although this is a reasonable example, my Braille will be anchored to
the left of the staff and span the entire staff length potentially.

I'm also open to any other formatting suggestions.

I can't really tie the Braille to bar-size texts either (text spanners
representing the music in the bar, attached to the beginning of the bar
itself) because they will be naturally broken up by other music column
based events and not read very well. Even if I did, I would not want the
Braille to stretch the bar to fit within the musical column.


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