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Splitting off Feta

From: Ferenc Wagner
Subject: Splitting off Feta
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 13:43:21 +0100
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               Dear Gurus,

I think better separating the font stuff from the main
distribution would have the following advantages:

1. Tracking LilyPond development would be easier for the
   non-uber-hackers due to
    a) shorter build times and
    b) less build dependencies.
2. Creating and distributing development branch packages
   would be easier for the (non-uber-hacker) packagers for
   the same a) reason.
3. Downloading development packages would require less
4. Storing packages for various architectures would require
   much less storage space in the distribution archives and
   their mirrors (this issue has already been raised by
   Debian, which hosts the most architectures AFAIK.  The
   lilypond-doc package also goes in this direction.)

So I'd like to hear your word:

1. Is this split feasible at all, ie. are the fonts really
   architecture independent?
2. Are you willing to move them in a separate repository and
   issue separate release notes?
3. Have you got a better idea how this should be done instead?
4. Can you think of any related issues?
Thanks for your time,

Ps: Since I'm reading lilypond-devel through gmane only, I'd
be grateful if you could Cc: me.

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