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Positioning of lyrics under notes

From: Ruud van Silfhout
Subject: Positioning of lyrics under notes
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 19:36:57 +0100


Last night I was busy converting music I had from version 2.0.1 to my current

version 2.1.18 (cygwin). This went reasonably well. Initially I had a number
differences I had to correct
One was that in a lilypond-book LaTeX file in2.0.1 multiple lilypond-blocks
\begin{lilypond} and \end{lilypond}) were nicely placed under each other
in the
old version whereas with the new version the first line of the second block
positioned directly to the right of the last block of the first piece). But
that is simple 
to solve for me.

The one I can't figure out is how to position long texts correctly under
its note.
In the piece of music below, the music must start directly under the note
and in
2.0.1this worked reasonably well, using the ignore-length-mismatch and other
settings. In 2.1.18 these properties are gone, but how to it now is not clear
to me.

As I have seen that the Lyrics part is completely rewritten since 2.0.1 ,
the question is:
Is this something that cannot be done anymore in 2.1.xx or is it done 
If it cannot be done anymore I have an urgent request to reimplement the
If it can be done, differently, pleas tell me how.

Perhaps this is something that should be mentioned somewhere in the manual
(or is 
it there already and I simply couldn't find it?)

\paper {
   linewidth = 13.0\cm
  \version "2.1.18"
  \score {
      \context Staff = one \notes \relative c' { 
        \clef violin
        \key g \major

         \property Staff.melismaBusyProperties \unset
        e\breve d\breve \bar "empty" \break 
        e\breve g\breve \bar "empty" \break
        g\breve e\breve \bar "empty" \break
        e\breve c2 c d\breve \bar "|."
      \context Lyrics \lyrics {
        \property LyricsVoice . stanza = "1a"
        \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'ignore-length-mismatch =
        \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'alignment = #-1
        \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'begin-alignment = #8

       "Jij die woont in de buurt van de Aller "\breve -- " hoogste"
        "Slaapt in de schaduw van de Al "\breve -- " machtige"
        \property LyricsVoice . stanza = "1b"
        "Zeg tot de Heer: mijn schuilplaats zijt Gij, mijn "\breve " vesting,"
        "Mijn God zijt Gij, op wie ik mij " durf verla  -- ten




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