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Re: Addlyrics behavior

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: Addlyrics behavior
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 17:16:41 +0100
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On Thursday 25 March 2004 14.29, Marco Gusy wrote:
> Alle 23:37, mercoledì 24 marzo 2004, Erik Sandberg ha scritto:
> > This might be true for the music you are typesetting, but there is other
> > music which uses different rules. Much of the vocal music I have typeset
> > does not use beaming to indicate melisma, simply because it's easier to
> > read beamed notes.
> Try to check it in professional scores.

Depends on what you mean by professional. I have been singing in a choir for a 
while, and it is quite common with good-looking printed notes which has 
multiple syllables under one beam.

I would suppose that this notation practise is more common in 
popular/traditional songs. I can beleive that you are right when it comes to 
scores typeset by Baerenreiter, Henle etc. But otoh I don't think those 
companies ever would typeset a Beatles song, so you can not look at Henle 
scores to decide the common practise of typesetting a score of Beatles music.

Now, one could argue that lilypond's aim is to produce beautiful sheet music, 
where "beautiful" is quite much defined by the style of Henle; so "beautiful" 
beaming would be "beaming similar to Henle's beaming". But the beautifulness 
considerations that are being made, are rather related to things such as 
spacing and fonts, [auto]beaming is more a question of syntax.


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