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Braille multi-voices again, another idea

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Braille multi-voices again, another idea
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 12:12:21 +0100

Sorry to bang on about this, it must seem that I'm rather incompetent.

I had a long think about the multi-voice problem and the fact that they
are not easily tied to note events.
I didn't like the solution of capturing all the note events and
stringing them together as a single markup.
The reason for this is that a long string would tram off the right-hand
end of the paper with no obvious way of stopping it.
Also, I'm not sure that I like to have text that is not tied to the
events to which they relate.

Therefore how about this for an idea?

<note1 voice1>    <note1 voice1>         <note2 voice1>
                  <sep><note1 voice2>    <note2 voice2>
                  <sep><note1 voice3>    <note2 voice3> etc.. 
                 |                    |
                 |                    |

So, the first bar is monophonic. The Braille is just attached to the
note events in the normal way
The polypohonic voices in the second bar have the notes attached to each
moment to which they relate, but stacked up vertically.
The second and subsequent voices have the voice separation sequence
preceeding the first event of the measure.
To read the Braille, you would read the top line of the measure, and
continue as continuation lines underneath.

As proper blind people aren't actually going to read this, rather the
embosser output (which will just be straight text), I don't see a
problem here. I prefer this because notes are tied to the events to
which they relate and "long" measures will split off neatly onto the
next line rather than tramming off the right-hand side as part of a
multi-staff bar.

Does this seem to be a suitable way to go.
Anybody see any obvious pitfalls?

If not, that's what I'm going to do...


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