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Latest Fret-Diagrams Version

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Latest Fret-Diagrams Version
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 16:57:27 -0600

Has the latest CVS version of fret-diagrams.scm been tested with version

The font selection code won't work with version 2.2.  I get the same
error as before (Can't index a virtual font metric by ASCII).  I think
it's a problem with the old fontify-atom routine (some comments say it
needs a name-mag pair).  I hope to get up on 2.3.x soon -- I'm going to
create a linux machine just for lilypond development.

Also, the version test for centered-text-stencil was changed, and I
believe the 2.2 code (ly:stencil-align-to!) is now called for version
2.3.  The sense of the test was changed in the if statement, from (if
(string<? (lilypond-version) "2.3") (version 2.2 code) (version 2.3
code) to (if (= (cadr (ly:version)) 3) (version 2.2 code) (version 2.3

I've changed the test back to the original intent and will be submitting
with this set of patches.

Changelog Entry for Patches: 

2004-06-22  Carl Sorensen <address@hidden>

        * fret-diagrams.scm : (draw-dots) default values for dot-size
and dot-position now depend                             on finger-code
value; in-dot makes dots larger and centered
                (draw-barre) added straight-barre indicator option
                (draw-dots) made fontify-text-white work
        *  added /draw_white_text
        * output-tex.scm : added white-text
        * output-ps.scm : added white-text
        * lily.scm (ly:all-stencil-expressions) : Added white-text to
list of stencil expressions

        * stencil.scm: Added fontify-text-white

Patches to these files are attached.

Carl Sorensen

Attachment: patch-fret-diagrams-scm
Description: patch-fret-diagrams-scm

Attachment: patch-music-drawing-routines-ps
Description: patch-music-drawing-routines-ps

Attachment: patch-output-tex-scm
Description: patch-output-tex-scm

Attachment: patch-output-ps-scm
Description: patch-output-ps-scm

Attachment: patch-lily-scm
Description: patch-lily-scm

Attachment: patch-stencil-scm
Description: patch-stencil-scm

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