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warning: stem doesn't fit in beam:

From: Alec Berryman
Subject: warning: stem doesn't fit in beam:
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 22:05:14 -0400
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When I write the following measure:

 r4. [f16 g a f g e f] r8. 

I get a non-fatal message when running lilypond:

-------- warning: stem doesn't fit in beam:

                 r4. [f16 g a f g e f] r8.

When I remove the [], the error goes away.  The difference between the
two outputs (besides having the sixteenth notes connected by the same
stem) is that the dotted eight rest is extremely close to the F and
that the dotted quarter rest is too low on the stem.

I search and couldn't find an instance of this being previously
reported; is this an error on my part, or it it a bug?

I'm using the lilypond-snapshot package for Debian by Pedro Kroeger,
version 2.3.22.  I have attached a sample file, the png output with
bar grouping, and the png output without bar grouping.

Thanks for your time,

Alec Berryman

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